GO! GO! JAPAN! - Travel vocabulary game!


Travel Vocabulary Game: Go!GO!JAPAN! Necessary words for a sweet trip to Japan! Travel vocabulary will be useful for various situations!

Knowing how to speak a few phrases in a foreign language can make a big difference to your travels. You will make more friends, have more fun on your travels, and be prepared for emergency.

The game includes colorful cards with travel vocabulary and gameboard with words and phrases written in katakana and hiragana. Of course, cards with tips included.



Each edition includes:
- 32х game boards (perfect for 1-32 players).
- 107х cards
- 1х Instructions
- 32х tip-boards
- 80 action cards
- 288 game money cards
- colorful box
- a wonderful book!

In each edition a wonderful story is waiting for you!