Sakura Matsuri Headquarters

Akira-sama is the Principal. He is wise and clever, strict and just. His favourite place is the roof. He likes to read comics there and watch students.

Ai-sama is the assistant of the Principal. She like romantic stories and St.Valentine's Day. If you have any love problems she is ready to help!

Sora-sama is King of the astronomy. There is no star in the sky he does not know about. He is Chief-executive of Sakura Matsuri Academy.

Kohana-san is Chief secretary and her main responsibility is the beauty of the Academy. She believes that learning should be comfortable and fun!

School teachers

- My name is Ren! This means - "lotos"! But I am marry and like to joke! Doozo yorosku!

Meet Kazuki! He is the most strict teacher! But tender to the flowers! Be a good student and he will be tender to you too!

Hotaru-san's hobby is karaoke! His part-time job is Dj and he is rather great! He will teach you in the rythm of Japanese! Don't miss the greatest melody!

Miki-san has sweet-tooth. He lives in a candy house not far from Tokyo as he has to visit Tokyo sweet stores too often as he never stops eating seets!

Ohayoo! My name is Isami! I should be brave but I am not sure I always can. Nice to meet you!

Renjiro-san is keen on sun! And prefers tostudy in nature so you should prepare sun care not to get burned in the sun!

Rini-san is too quck! But sometime he goes up like a rocket and comes down like a stick...But You will love him, he is openminded and kind!

Daiki-san loves balloons very much but he is too small and too light for such hobby. It is dangerouse because often he is blown away!

大翔 desu! How are you? Genki desu ka? I am pink and kind, but too big and people sometimes are afraid of me :(  

Katsuro-san is great in sports! He is the world champion is running! Be sure to do your morning exercises!

Suzu-san is proffecional ballei dancer and the prima ballerina of "Swan lake"! Be confident. You will become successful with such a teacher!

Kiyoku-san hates disorder and mess! He easily gets upset and starts crying. Be sure you keep your papers in order!

I am Hoshi! It means - "star"! And I am your MOVING SPIRIT! BANZAAAI JAPANESEEEEE!!

Aiko-san has just started her way as a techer. So be nice to her! She is still a child and likes teddy-bears!.

Azarni-sama is descendent of Drakula! Being too kind and sunny to become the reall vampire he left his family and lives in Disney land!

Nariko-san is a shopping king! He does shopping every day and sometimes even 2 times a day! If you need any help with fasion he is the right person to ask advice!

Academy professors

Akemi-san is a charming and attractive woman, likes beaches, sun bathing and reading under coco trees or sunshade. Join her on her lessons on the beach!

Tadao-san is elder brother of Hideaki-san ! He is a great cooker and prepares birthday cakes for his friends! Need help with Birthday? Go to Party-brothers! But be aware they are serious at the lessons!

Momoru-san's family devoted their lives to protect people from the ghosts. Ghost hunters expected a lot from Momoru-san. But Momoru-san is too afraid of them and hates Helloween most of all! So they let hem be a teacher!

Yasuo-san is demon. He lives in fire cave and is rather fair. If you are going to cheat... DO NOT. No regrets to cheaters! Don't worry - just do your homework in time!

Yuki-san loves winter and in his free time works as an elf of Santa! He helps him to deliver presents for good children. Were you good this year?

Momoko-chan is Rini-san's little sister. She is a bit too little to be a teacher but she does her best to help Rini-san! Momoko-chan dreams of becoming a pilot in the future.

Nibori-san is too shy! He is looking for friends but is too afraid to speak to them. The only place he feels comfortable is school. When he is teaching he forgets about his fear. Wanna make friends with him?

Hino-san is clever, serious and noble. He likes autumn and rain, prefer libraries and books. The happiest time is when he is reading with a cup of tea and it is raining.

Botan-san is great in science. He is 5 times proffessor in linguistics, literature, history and other fields. His lessons are extremle interesting!  

Cho-san likes butterflies. He is dreaming of becoming a butterfly sometime. He thinks they are really free and very beautiful. At home he has a butterfly-friend Miku-kun.

Michiru-san is proffecional traveller! He visisted a lot of countries and knows Japan far and wide. At his lessons you will learn a lot about secret places in the world and mysterious side of Japan. Be ready to get a tent!

Koko-san is responsible for miracles! He teaches magic: how to light candles, make sunny weather and so on. Usually he is in good mood, but if it is not so...he can make you a frog!

Hideaki-san is great party maker and party goer. If you are looking for fun find him! He will teach you how to relax and chill-out after learning hard!

Ryuu-san is a very talanted lion trainer so he is often invited to the circus to become friends with lions! He is the only person to understand the lion's heart! At lessons he tells a lot of stories about lions.

Sachii-sama and his little friend Sachiko-san love rainbow so much that even painted the classrom the same way! They are great painters by the way. Are you creative? You will get on well with them and enjoy their extraordinary classes!

Ima-san is a musician. She lives in the world of beautiful sounds and create magic that can touch the soul - music. Make your own song of happiness with Ima-san!

Our students - Choose your character!


Be a gorgeous Assassin and cope with all game tasks with honour!

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Anime girl

Ni-san is merry and friendly. Choose her for fun game play!

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Anime boy

Dui-san is serious and handsome. An intelligent boy is smart.

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