About the project - BANZAI Japanese - more than a game!

Some people don't even think what a power they have! A man is strong to do a lot of things.

But for some things you lack power and this is the time when you need helping hands of others.

We did a lot - helped children with cancer, homeless animals, made great festivals and events where people got acquainted with culture and traditions of other countries and may be became more tolerant.

But now we need your helping hand to create something important! What is it all about?


The key mission is to MAKE THE MATRIX REALITY!

We used that when we want pleasure - we spend money and time. We get joy and fun.

We need skills - we spend money and time. We get skills. But we do not get joy.

We pay TWICE! It is not good. Yeap?

So, we joined 2 incompatible things.

You play game. You get skills. You save money and time.

It is simple.


Want to become better - learn from the best! Watching the best companies we found out what the price for success is:
1. Give QUALITY higher than client's expecttions to get LOVE of your clients.
3. Do THIS to become HAPPY.


Long time ago...when the Earth was a fire ball...and then dinosaurs were running all around... Kidding. Actually not so long ago. Just something like a couple of years ago.

I was chilling-out a bit in a unique cafe in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. The name of the place is "Tarelka" (Plate). It is not an ordinary cafe. It is a place where you can have dinner and play any table game you wish. Not bad you know. Actually I really enjoy some games if they are interesting of course.

And this cafe is close to the place I work so I used to be an often guest there. Later the food there got worse and I stopped visiting the place... But it is not the point.

So it was a sunny or rainy day and I went to have lunch. I ordered a "potato plate" (do not know why but sometimes I really enjoy fried potatoes! and this dish is a tasty one). I was having some rest and thinking. That time I was trying to solve the problem of teaching Japanese. It was hard for my students to master Japanese alphabet. To tell the truth my own path in Japanese was even harder... My first teacher considered it to be the only way to write katakana and hiragana thousands of times. She used to say: "Japanese is not for everybody! Just a few will learn it!" And I worked, worked, worked... Rough times...

So i was playing games, eating my lunch and thinking: "Should it be so difficult??!!" And the idea came! THE GAME!!! I rushed to the office and started to draw. This was the moment BANZAI Japanese game was born.

Later I mastered it thanks to my students and happy to present the finished version!

In the beginning of my life story I was sure that my life aim was to gain knowledge. But now I changed my point of view. I understand that there is no sence in collecting knowledge. But the point is to share it with everybody! The sence of everybody's life is to reach progress! To make this possible we should share what we have with others for our lives and lives of next generation be better and better, easier and more comfortable!

BANZAI Japanese games include:

- game mode - playing them is exciting as well as some old games which are never old

- teach you katakana, hiragana and hundreds of Japanese words easily!

- true stories about the most exciting sides of Japanese life

and all the knowledge I gained through all the years devoted to Japanese and culture, history and life in Japan!

If you feel the same, if you want Japanese be easier and get more wonderful Japanese stories, if you are for peace in the world and shared knowledge, WELLCOME TO OUR PROJECT!


1. Peace in the world.

Studying other cultures leads us to understanding other nations and to tolerance. It is key not only to international cooperation but to the peaceful interaction.

2. Intellect rise.

The results of multiple scientific researches confirm that learning Japanese language and Japanese martial arts favor the development of mind, improvement of the reaction.

3. Communication.

Today the question of shortening of real communication is key point as in schools, universities as at home among family members. If computer technology is guilty or not it is not the subject of this project. The point is that some actions are necessary to improve the communication and one of the best things is to play games together with people important to you. That is why table board games are still popular.

4. Leadership development and team work.

There are different modules in the game - some are great for leadership, some for team-building. Why are they both included? The wise understand, for success you need them both. 

Choose the side you want to know!

Various editions are stretch goals of the project and will be soon available!

BANZAI Japanese Game is something bigger than the game! It is the real adventure to the mysterious and exciting world of Japanese culture! Through leraning Japanese you will know a lot about Japanese culture, history and life!

On this stage of the project we are planning to make the following editions: