Can children play the game?

The age of players is 0 - 100.
It is fun for children and it is relly useful for them! For newborn cards can be shown and they leran colors, figures, signs so it is a great basement for their future groth! Your child will learn Japanese alphabets, forms and colors!

1 year nd more - Writing and memory skills. Great learning mterial will be useful at this stge.

5 years and more - you can play the game together with children and get fun!

How many players can play the game at the same time?

Basic and Bonus games - from 1 to 10 players.
Silver edition: 1-22
Gold edition: 1-32
Daimond edition: 1-64

Can I play the gme lone?

Sure, if you want to watch your favourite doramas and anime in Japanese.

How long does it tke to learn how to play ?

It takes 2 minutes to understand HOW. The principle is as easy as a bingo game. The game is perfect for parties too! Easy to start, difficult to stop!

Is Japanese so easy ?

Yes, the point is the method. The grammar is simple. You just need to learn how to read is it is half done!

Game method?

1. Game method. Playing the game players will learn more because they are more concentrated and involved in the process!
2. Simple rules and brightness of the game make it joyful for everybody of any age.
3. Additional materials help you master your skills and they are fun!
4. Beside language knowledge you will learn about Japan, its history, traditions and culture. It improves analytical, braim, mind skills, memory nd attention.
5. Social values - communication improvement.
6. Methods used in the game can be used in different fields of science.

Ok, I am sure it is fun. But what's the key point?

Beside excitement, fun and impressions you get:
Ability to read Jpanese alphabets fluently.
Master more than 10 000 of Japanese words for a casual usage!
Learn more bout Japan and even know something you will never read in a book!
Speak Japanese fluently and easily .

Will the game be translated?

Yes. Right now it is available in Russian, English and German. And later it will be available in: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and others.

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes, you can get your game and awards wherever you are.

Is the shippment expensive?

We did our best to find the best shipping service. And there are several. So you can choose - fast and more expensive or cheap but a bit longer!

Where will the names of sponsors, backers and friends of the project mentioned?

ALL names will be forever in the Hall of Fame! And we have something special for EMPERORS! Their names will be mentioned in all publications about the game!

Can I have my logo on the box?

Yes and not only on the box! For companies there are a lot of opportunities including:

- Your logo on learning materials.
- Your logo on the boxes.
- Full branding of the game.
- Full branding of the topic edition.
- Full branding of the book.
- Full branding of the game character.
- Full branding of anime.
And others.
Please contact us and we will provide all necessary information.

Who will enjoy the game ?

You, if you are fond of intense games, fun and jokes as well as appreciate quality.
All the parts of the game are made of quality materials! A special print is used as well as surface of different textures. The game is beautiful. And it is very nice to touch it! As for me the surface, beauty and comfort are important! Cn you imagine how perfectly, brightly and incredibly the editions will look on you shelf?

You if you love table games! Sure the combination Japanese and a game sounds wildly. But everything is well thought through. You will easily play the game even not knowing the capital of Japan!

You if you like Japan and Japanese.
You will easily coupe with Japanese and enjoy your Japanese adventure!

You if you teach Japanese! Use the game at the lessons and your pupils will be always happy and you will be happy with their results!

Was the game tested?

The gme was developed in 2003. It was hand drawn and black and white but used intensively at Japanese lessons in the Centre of Eastern development and culture "Sakura Matsuri", presented at the educational exhibitions, opened lessons, different events, Days of Japan. General quantity of the participants - more than 500 thousand, 55% - children at the age of 9-17, 30% - 18-25 years old, 15% - adults 26-45 years old. This year (2014-2015) in new groups (beginners) students mstered Japanese alphabets in 4,5 hours. Thus they learnt how to read and write.
At opened lessons (in 2014 they were visited 759800 people, 64% - 10-17 years old, 16% - 18-25 years old, 20% - 27-35 years) in 1,5 years of game play 82% understood katakana (Japanese alphabet), 69% could read.
In 8 years there were more than 560 thousand of game sections. All participants enjoyed it!

18% of families play it at home!