Anime edition!

 Do you like anime? This edition is for you!

Bright anime characters and colorful game boards anime designed will accompany you in this wonderful trip to the best Japanese knowledge!

Game bords include both katkana and hiragana symbols together with their complex and simple form. Together with SPECIAL ANIME ACTION CARDS you will extremely enjoy the game!

anime game


animeTanaka-san is serious and noble. He is a great player in shogi and go. He does not like communication much and prefer to spend time alone. One of his favourite places is the library. He really enjoys the silence and the smell of books. He is waiting for you in Anime edition! As well as other characers.


Alise-san animeis American but spent most of her life in Japan. She really enjoys wearng kimono and tea-ceremony. But the most she enjoys Japanese festivals! She likes dancing and eating festival food. Her aim of the life is to become a teacher of dancing in Academy "Sakura Matsuri". She is an easy-going person and likes communication much. She has a lot of friends and spends time with them often. She is also available in Anime edition game!


Anime school, anime houses and everything as if you were in a real anime story!


Each edition includes:
- 32х game boards (perfect for 1-32 players).
- 107х cards with alphabet signs
- 1х Instructions
- 32х tip-boards
- 80 action cards
- 288 game money cards
- colorful box

In each edition a wonderful story is waiting for you!